Emergency Response

Ethyl Corporation’s emergency response telephone number is:

(800) 424-9300 CHEMTREC number used on most of Ethyl’s U.S. bulk shipping containers and shipping documents

This telephone number is published on Ethyl MSDSs, literature, and some shipping documents. CHEMTREC, CANUTEC and others use these numbers to inform Ethyl of an incident involving Ethyl products. Ethyl has emergency response coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A trained Emergency Coordinator is on call to respond to any emergency.

Ethyl’s response will vary according to the requirements of the emergency. In most cases, the response will consist of providing information on characteristics, personal safety equipment, safe handling, and packaging of Ethyl products. Ethyl will provide information to first responders at the scene of an accident and arrange for a qualified firm to clean up a spill.