Responsible Care®

Responsible Care® is a program developed by the American Chemical Council whereby member companies make health, safety, security and environmental issues a priority in all phases of a chemical product’s lifecycle, including development, manufacture, distribution, use, and disposal.

As an ACC member company and participating member in the Responsible Care® initiative, Ethyl Corporation adheres to and supports Responsible Care®.

Ethyl provides a safe and controlled system to blend, distribute, use and dispose of Ethyl products to maximize worker, customer, environmental and community safety. We have characterized the risks of our products and manage each product line commensurate with that risk.

At Ethyl, each individual involved in the lifecycle of all products accepts these responsibilities:

  • to have a clear understanding of each and every action required of them
  • to train in the steps required to execute each action
  • to possess the authority required to carry out each action
  • to accept fully the responsibility for discharging their duties

It is in Ethyl’s best interest to establish long-term relationships with customers who adhere to Responsible Care® principles or a similar program. Ethyl reserves the right not to work with customers who do not adhere to Responsible Care® principles or comply with the minimum standards requirement as determined by the company.

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